AirPods Are The Future Of AR?

For some, the classic Apple EarPods was a thing of beauty, for others it looked stupid, fell out of your ear too easily and had poor sound quality. Now that Apple has brazenly removed the headphone jack from their iPhones, many people are turning to the wireless AirPods. As you might expect, opinions are just […]

What does the Amazon Echo do?

What does the Amazon Echo do? Personally, this is the question that kept me occupied whenever I heard people using words like “Echo” and “Alexa”. I mean, it isn’t like Amazon devices are cheap (though this one is definitely on the affordable side). And, like most people, I had no interest in buying the Amazon […]

Bluetooth Music Devices

You might have always wondered, “What is the excitement behind all of these accessories like Bluetooth that are continuously invading the markets like an epidemic?” There are in fact plenty of advantages that a Bluetooth device offers that’s why it has gradually become more of a requirement than lavishness. In this article, I will discuss […]

Looking At Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods come with the easy connectivity and pause-and-play functionality features. These wireless earbuds are described as the magical wireless earbuds by the Apple and Apple’s since innovation since Apple Watch. When you will take them out of the AirPods case, it will turn on automatically. They come with the one-tap setup and the interesting […]