Left: Nadim Sawalha and Susan Wooldridge performing Razanne Carmey’s When time must have a stop

Bottom left: Rhona Dalil performs

Below: The recitation of the names by members of the Palestinian community

Right: Maya performs "Enough for me to die in your earth"

Far right: Rabbi Mark Solomon of the nearby Liberal Jewish Synagogue singing 'El Male Rachamim' (God full of compassion). Rabbi Solomon specially included the victims of Deir Yassin in tnis Jewish prayer of mourning.


Greeting from the Archbishop of Cantebury to the 2002 London commemoration

"As the tragic events in the Holy Land threaten to engulf us all, I offer my heartfelt greetings to those of different faiths who, by coming together to remember the events of Deir Yassin, affirm their collective desire to embark together on the route of mutual understanding, feeling, and reconciliation.

"My recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land has brought home to me as never before the urgent need to find ways of entering the pain of the Palestinian people and of bringing their suffering to an end.

"Understanding the pain of all – as symbolised in the proximity of Deir Yassin to Yad Vashem – is a step on the way to creating the conditions for the peace which alone can bring this suffering to an end.

"This commemoration is very much in the spirit of the Alexandria Declaration, which brought Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders in the region together in January and again more recently to commit themselves to work together to create a better future.

"I pray that, with the other commemorations being held today in Jerusalem and elsewhere, your gathering may help all the communities in the Holy Land to begin to come closer together in that search."