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Above: Jazz musicians Gilad Atzmon and Yaron Stavi provide musical accompaniment. Click to enlarge

Above left: The flyer for the 2006 commemoration. Click to view in full (opens PDF)

Below: Palestinian composer and lutist Nizar Issa and singer Shadia Mansour. Click to enlarge

Below: "Members of the Al-Zaytouna Dance Group are from Brouj, Majdal, Deir Snaind and Jaffa but they have never been there..." Click to enlarge

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...the Zionist leadership plots to steal the land" (below).

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Below: "So much of this piece takes place in the hour before dawn. In that hour, members of the family from the Palestinian village of Sindyana reflect on their lives and loves – the joys and sorrows of family life while at that same hour, on the other side of the stage...

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