2007 - Your memory shines in me

This was our last commemoration before our return in 2012.

The London event was held at St John’s Wood. Called ‘Your memory shines in me’, it focused on the children of Deir Yassin, whose story you can read here. To find out more about the commemoration and how these children were remembered, click on the programme (right).

It was a small, intimate event but Palestinians came, including author and academic Ghada Karmi. Jazz musician and long-term friend of Deir Yassin Remembered Gilad Atzmon was also there, as was political activist and former Roman Catholic priest Bruce Kent.

Although (or perhaps because) it was a small event, it was intensely moving – a feeling best conveyed in a letter sent by an attendee to the commemoration to Deir Yassin Remembered UK Director Paul Eisen. You can read an extract from the letter below:

Below: The Deir Yassin memorial in Geneva, New York.
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"I only very recently found out
about Deir Yassin Remembered
and this was my first time
attending the commemoration
so I had no expectations…

"For me it was an incredibly healing event and one that I find difficult to describe. I am Muslim – not Arab or Palestinian – and nowadays my moods are constantly changing
from rage to despair
by the devastation and cruelty
inflicted on the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Lebanese and Somalis,
and now there are threats about attacking Iran.

"But somehow going to the event provided something… I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe it
was comfort, maybe it was hope,
or maybe it was a sense of relief
that in spite of everything, people know and people care.
I will be there next year also."

Internationally, Deir Yassin was again remembered in Jerusalem and, for the first but not final time, at the Deir Yassin memorial in New York State. Read more about this in the memorials section or by clicking here. The New York event was marked in local newspaper the Finger Lakes Times, which you can read by clicking on the image below: