2012 - Renewal

After an absence of five years Deir Yassin Remembered commemorated again and, to join us in remembrance, we brought Deir Yassin survivor Abu Ashraf over to the UK. He toured the UK with the organisation and attended commemorative events with the Palestinian Delegation.

In 2012, commemorations were held in London, Wigan and Brighton in the UK, as well as in New York State and Jerusalem - where a short film was recorded. You can watch it by clicking the video, right.

For a full picture of Deir Yassin Day 2012, download and read the retrospective here .

Thanks to the many supporters and attendees, we gathered together a good collection of photographs from the commemorations both in the UK and overseas. Visit the 2012 gallery to see more.


Far left: Deir Yassin survivor Abu Ashraf's passport. He visited the UK in 2012 to help DYR to commemorate the massacre and its victims. Click to enlarge

Left: Abu Ashraf gives an interview


Below: The commemoration in Wigan. Click to enlarge


Below: In Jerusalem, Palestini\ns and Israelis carry th names of the victims. Click to enlarge

Below: The commemoration at the Deir Yassin memorial at Lake Seneca in Geneva, New York State. Click to enlarge

Deir Yassin Day 2012 Geneva_compressed