2013 Commemorative Tour


Wigan, April 11th

Memorial lights at Wigan - Surely an emblematic image of homegrown Deir Yassin commemoration (Click picture for report)


Remembering at Wigan


Wigan: A single light for the Eid (Abdallah's) family

York Minster, April 16th

"The windiest place in England" put to good use at York Minster (Click picture for report)

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The 2013 York memorial

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Brighton April 17th

Thair and translator at Brighton (Click picture for report)

Address by Thair Anis at Wigan and Brighton

"The killings in the village of Deir Yassin, of children, women and prisoners who had surrendered, spread fear and horror all over the neighbouring villages, especially as the vast majority of the village of of residents had no weapons to defend themselves
with, as a result of the British Mandatory laws
which made it illegal for Palestinian natives
to carry arms.

Thousands of families ran away homeless, and
hundreds of Palestinian villages were deserted.
Many fled to the Lebanon,
Syria, Iraq and other Arab countries. Some
emigrated to other Palestinian villages inside that
part of Palestine which came under occupation
in 1967.

Since that unlucky black day, we have come to
be called refugees. From that day Zionism has
robbed us of our future, our history and our
present. Zionism stole the land, the home
and our identity. In Lebanon, our people are still
suffering, living miserably in camps that lack the
barest necessities for human life, having gone
through the pains of the civil war and the Israeli
armed aggression into Lebanon, culminating in the
Sabra & Shatilla massacre.

In Iraq, Palestinians were killed or driven out as a consequence
of the war. In Syria now, the Yarmuck refugee camps are being bombarded by forces belonging to the Syrian regular army and the so-called Free army. In Jordan our people have suffered, being murdered & kicked out to nowhere. The Jordanian regime has committed against our people the massacre of Ahraash, Jersh and Ajloon.

Ever since that day at Deir Yassin, we have paid & are still paying the price for the Zionist lies. We are open targets for all murderers. Since that day, human & international law has been helpless to stop the Israeli crimes committed by the Zionist Occupation against us.

From that day, my family, forced to leave Rafaat, next to Deir Yassin, has been living far away from there. We are living like foreigners in our own country. We are living like refugees in our own fatherland. Denied our history and our rights. Facing racial walls and occupation, just under a half-hour car drive away!"