2013 - Glasgow


2013 was the 25th anniversary of the consecration in 1988 of the Deir Yassin memorial stone in Kelvingrove Gallery, Glasgow. The stone was laid largely due to the efforts of a number of Palestine solidarity organisations and trades unions. This was all the more remarkable since it took place many years before Deir Yassin remembrance had even been dreamt of.

To mark this occasion a special event was organised. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled but Abdallah Eid, a Deir Yassin survivor, and Thair Anis who had come from Palestine for the event still made the journey to remember the victims. Sadly, Abdallah was taken ill en route and had to be hospitalised but Thair made it to the memorial.

A week later, Scottish Friends of Palestine maintained their tradition of visiting the stone every year.


Deir Yassin Remembered
12 noon Sunday 7 April 2013
@ the Commemorative Plaque,
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Speakers include: Abdallah Eid, Deir Yassin survivor, Lord Provost of Glasgow Cllr Sadie Docherty, Wael Shawish (Scottish Friends of Palestine),

Followed by a Reception at 1pm at the STUC, 333 Woodlands Rd., Glasgow.

You are invited to join the Memorial Gathering at the plaque at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (west side) to commemorate the massacre of Palestinians which took place at Deir Yassin, Jerusalem, on 9 April 1948.

The murder of over 100 Palestinians by the Irgun (headed by Menachem Begin) and Stern gangs with the assistance of an elite unit from the Haganah, led to the flight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes, an event known as al-Nakba, "the Catastrophe". The aim of the "Deir Yassin Remembered" campaign is to erect a memorial on the site of the massacre and at the same time raise the plight of the Palestinian people. For more information about the campaign visit http://www.deiryassin.org/

In 1988, on the fortieth anniversary of the massacre, a plaque was laid and a tree planted in the grounds of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum by the then Lord Provost of Glasgow, Robert Gray. This year is the 25th anniversary of the laying of the plaque.

We hope you will be able to join us at the Memorial Gathering and thereafter at the Reception.