a memorial at Deir Yassin

It is the primary aim of Deir Yassin Remembered to build a memorial to Deir Yassin. As well as our many commemorative activities, this has always also included a physical memorial at the village itself.

You can read more about this here and about one Palestinian's vision for a memorial in Word here and as a PDF here

Raouf Halaby has donated his sculptures Out of the ruins, our memory lives for eventual siting at the memorial.


Raouf Halaby's Out ofthe ruins, our memory lives

Petition for a memorial at Deir Yassin

The following text is being circulated on change.org. It will also be sent to the
Jerusalem Mayor and Municipality:

On April 9th 1948, the massacre of more than 100 Palestinian civilians was perpetrated by Jewish terrorists at the village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem.

The massacre was a pivotal event in the Palestinian Catastrophe which accompanied the creation of the state of Israel. Thousands of Palestinians were killed and over 700,000 were driven or frightened from their homes and lands on which they had lived for centuries.

But there are few memorials for the Palestinians who died or were dispossessed in 1948. In fact, their history, in which the massacre at Deir Yassin is a very significant event, has been largely buried and forgotten. And yet, like the descendants of the victims in Armenia (1915-17), in the Soviet Union (1929-53), in Nazi Germany (1933-45), in China (1949-52, 1957-60, and 1966-76), and in Cambodia (1975-79), the descendants of Palestinians want the world to remember what they suffered, what they lost and why they died.

In the spirit of reconciliation essential for the success of any peace process, Deir Yassin Remembered proposes to build a memorial at Deir Yassin to the victims of the massacre of April 9th 1948.

We therefore call upon the Mayor and Municipality of Jerusalem to permit us to build an appropriate memorial at the village of Deir Yassin.

You can add your name to the petition here