What does the Amazon Echo do?

What does the Amazon Echo do? Personally, this is the question that kept me occupied whenever I heard people using words like “Echo” and “Alexa”. I mean, it isn’t like Amazon devices are cheap (though this one is definitely on the affordable side).

And, like most people, I had no interest in buying the Amazon Echo if it had nothing new to offer, at least for my life. Sufficing to say, I was a little surprised to find that all the hype surrounding the Amazon Echo was not completely misplaced. Let’s look at the Amazon Echo vs Google Home.

And if you are one of those people that cannot decide whether the Amazon Echo is a worthwhile purchase, here are some of the things the device does for me:

1. The Music

In case it wasn’t clear, the Echo is a speaker, so its primary purpose is to play music. However, i was especially impressed by the fact that the speaker could play any song I wanted whenever I asked it.

In the beginning, the Echo could only play music from your smartphone, which isn’t a bad thing, obviously. But, what cheap Bluetooth speaker can’t do that these days? The one thing the Echo can do these days and which you will probably love is its ability to play songs that best fit your mood.

I asked it to play “Christmas Music” and I couldn’t quite believe how awesome the playlist it gave me was. Amazon has such a comprehensive library of music that, whether you request for meditation tracks or simply need to hear everything from Adele, the Amazon echo will most like have a satisfactory result on hand for your enjoyment.

2. Features

This is what I found most enjoyable about the Amazon echo. Not only does Amazon keep adding nifty new features to the Echo, but I don’t even have to look out for emails alerting me about all the new updates.

I just ask the speaker, it tells me about the new features, gives me a brief explanation about what they will do, and then allows me to determine whether or not I want any of them.

Things cannot get any more convenient than that.

3. Smart Home

I have always wanted a smart home. But it’s the sort of goal I thought was out of my reach, especially as someone who rents. As such, I was a little surprised to learn that I could engineer my very own voice-controlled smart home within the comfort of my apartment without incurring any heavy costs so long as I had the Amazon Echo.

Obviously, I was a little skeptical at the start, but things fell into place when I realized that I could connect the Amazon Echo to all sorts of home automation hubs, from Wink to SmartThings.

I have also realized that the speaker can effectively sync with devices like Belkin WeMo and Ecobee, and Amazon is always adding more devices to that list. The point is, with simple voice commands, I can control more electronic devices in my home than I ever thought possible, from the lights to the temperature, all through my Amazon Echo.

The voice commands are easy enough to customize using the app or online interface.

This is what I love about the Amazon Echo. It keeps exceeding my expectations. Every time I think I have it figured out, Amazon breaks the device’s limits and throws, even more, functions into the mix.