Dareen Khalil Tadros is from East Jerusalem. She began studying Business Administration at Bethlehem University in 2011.


Aya Abed Almunem Bustami is from East Jerusalem and studied Business Administration at Bethlehem University.


Haneen Ahmad Abu Eisha is from the Shu’fat Refugee Camp in Palestine. He began studying English Literature at Al-Quds University in 2008.


Khulud Mohammed Abu Askar is from Jabalia in Gaza. She enrolled at the Islamic University of Gaza in 2009 and is studying Business Administration.


Reem Ibrahim Ali Khalifa, from Al-Walajah in Palestine, studies Medicine (dentistry) at Al-Quds University.


Khalid Mohammed Shatat is from the Sheikh Radwan quarter of Gaza City. He is studying Medicine at the Islamic University of Gaza.


Nida' Ghassan Ahmaru, from Palestine’s al-Fawwar Refugee Camp, enrolled at Hebron University to read Islamic Studies and Social Work in 2008.


Lama Abu Rajab, from Al-Khalil in Hebron, is studying Medicine at Al-Quds University.


The goal of the Deir Yassin Remembered scholarship programme is to provide financial aid to young people of Palestine and Israel who wish to pursue a college or university education.

There is no greater priority for peace-making in the world today than that between the Israelis and Palestinians. The long and tragic conflict between these two peoples threatens the health and welfare of future generations.

We believe that education offers a path to empowerment and understanding, which in turn may open new doors toward justice and peace.

Through this scholarship, which affirms the right to education, we aim to empower the young and offer, through education, what we can towards peace.

Pictured to the right are some of the youngsters who have been able to continue their education with the help of a Deir Yassin Remembered scholarship.

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