Special projects - can you help?

Sometimes we need funding and support to help us get specific projects or strands of our work off the ground. Our current projects are detailed here.

A Deir Yassin memorial

The core mission of Deir Yassin Remembered is to build a memorial to Deir Yassin. There are lots of ways you can get involved in this. For example, you could:

  • Petition the Jerusalem Municipality to build a memorial
  • Launch your own fundraising events
  • Hold your own commemoration
    • You can find out more details here and download resources here.

      Deir Yassin Day 2014 - 'The Borrowed Village"

      This new play has been written by Ahmed Masoud and Justin Butcher for opening in April 2014 (Deir Yassin Day 2014)

      It is proposed that the play will open on April 6th 2014 and run for three weeks at a prestigious fringe theatre. A production on this subject and of this quality should attract significant media and public attention.

      The play will cost £27,000 to develop and stage and the first £7000 for the development of the script was found. We now need a further £5000 to secure and develop the production.

      Can you help?

      Deir Yassin Remembered relies solely on donations - please help us.