This is the picture we're delighted to post.

Thair on his release and reunited with his wife and son.

Many thanks to all those who offered their support.

Read about Thair's arrest and imprisonment below

"I have heard that Thair was taken from his home at 2am on 28/29 May by the Israelis. Thair was expecting to be imprisoned: he warned his wife before they married that she might have to bring children up on her own. Their son is about 5 months old.

He was expecting to be arrested because he is a prominent activist in the resistance, in the Bab al Shams project & he was involved in organising events for Nakba Day this year.

Thair was imprisoned as a youth & he knows what Israeli prisons are like for Palestinians but he has carried on with his work. He is a very brave young man.

I am trying to get more information & will let you know if I learn anything. Thair & I became quite close in April, taking train journeys together & going through the anxieties about Abdallah - We came to say that I am his fourth mother: his birth mother, his foster mother who looked after him while his mother was busy about her imprisoned husband, his prison mother when he was the youngest prisoner, then me. So I can't help feeling more deeply about Thair's arrest than that of the many, many other Palestinians undergoing the same ordeal."

Thair Anis who is Deir Yassin Remembered Director in Ramallah has been arrested.

Thair has visited the UK twice, in 2012 and also in 2013, to accompany Deir Yassin survivors and to join them and us in various Deir Yassin commemorations.

Thair is an activist and has never missed any opportunity to participate in solidarity activism wherever it may be.

The images on this page will tell you something about Thair's activism and the note from Gill Kaffash opposite will tell you something about our feelings for him.


  • Thair Anis M. Gabbash,
  • Resident: Azzariah/Bethany
  • Family village Rafaat
  • Dob: 17/3/1976
  • Ramallah Director, Deir Yassin Remembered
  • National Committee for Separation Wall & Separation Resistance Committees, active in the Bab al Shams, Ahfad Younis projects
  • Palestine Child House Foundation
  • Fatah Youth, Azzariah
  • After his return to Palestine from the UK where he made a tour of the UK commemorating the massacre of Deir Yassin, he was involved in the organisation of events commemorating the Nakba

    • Read Thair's Commemorative tour speech here


With Dr. Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian Ambassador - Deir Yassin Day 2012


Demonstrating for Marwan Barghouti also now a fellow prisoner and regarded by Thair as his mentor in struggle - Deir Yassin Day 2012


A few weeks after demonstrating in London for Palestinian prisoners, Thair again became a prisoner himself.


Remembering the victims in Wigan - Deir Yassin Day 2013


With Nizar al-Issa at Deir Yassin Day 2013,
St John's Wood Church


At the Deir Yassin memorial, Glasgow - Deir Yassin Day 2013